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Below is selection of comments we've received from our very happy mail order customers around the world.

I purchased the small Rolser for people of 5' and under for my aunt's 87th birthday as she has recently given up using her car.  I thought the Rolser would help her to get her shopping from the supermarket back to her first floor flat.  I knew she was anti trolleys, considering them to be for old grannies (which she does not consider herself to be!).  For this reason I chose the bright red option as this is her favourite colour.  I feared she would not take kindly to receiving my present to her but I was wrong.  She loved the colour immediately she opened the package which was delivered to her home in double quick time.  When she'd had a few days to get used to using it to go shopping (practising before doing this with wheeling it around her flat) I asked her to give me some feedback, good and bad, so that I could pass this on to Rolser.  She said there were no bad points.  It was well-made, roomy and very smooth on its wheels.  Not clunky or jerky at all.  She managed to get it, fully laden, up the flight of steps to her flat.  "It was a doddle" she said.  Since acquiring it she has been taking note of other people's wheelies and has noticed that none are as nice as hers.  She doesn't like the ubiquitous tartan or floral patterned ones that she sees all about and is thrilled that hers is a nice, neat, trendy one which suits her small stature perfectly.  So thank you to the Rolser team for making it so easy for me to choose the perfect birthday gift from my home in France to my aunt in the UK.  Well done.

Lesley Hickman

Dear Sirs,
I just wanted to write to you quickly to let you know that I have been extremely impressed by the quality of your service. The person I dealt with on the phone whilst sorting out delivery of my trolley was extremely helpful. Also I was completely charmed by the gentleman I just talked to on the phone, who was very kind and went out of his way to be helpful. I just wanted you to know that I will recommend to you everyone I know.
Congratulations!! You beat Argos hands down, their service is dreadful!
Kindest Regards, Frances Hagger.

I am very pleased to receive a Rolser shopping trolley.  It looks very advanced compared to any other make of shopping trolley I've seen.  The three wheels on each side make it well balanced and run really smoothly, and it's fascinating seeing how easily these wheels can climb up steps.  It will make shopping a lot easier on my back, and I wish I'd had one of these shopping trolleys years ago.  I will recommend it to anyone who is interested in getting a shopping trolley. Best wishes, Gillian.

Harrogate, Yorkshire
The trolley has arrived - wow!!!! We all think it is truly fantastic - it is so easy to use and extremely light. I'll let you into a little secret - I actually have problems walking and am prone to falling and could do with an aid but refuse to spoil my image as yet, rightly or wrongly. Something like this would be an ideal compromise. I also struggle to carry things so it's even better again! It's appeal has endless posibilities!

Glasgow, Scotland
Hi there. We bought our 1st Rolser 9 years ago and have been hooked ever since. My mother prefers the 4 wheel type, so we have been looking for a new one. Leonora

When visiting family in London in both 2003 & 2005 we saw many, many people using what we considered the best shopping trolleys we have ever seen. They were all Rolser.  We were very impressed with these and vowed to get one when we arrived home in Australia. We definitely want a Rolser and not an inferior brand.  Please help locate a stockist. Your help would be greatly appreciated.   Regards, Leah & David Schofield

Thank you for the addresses of the stockists of Rolser trolleys. I cant wait to get one so I hope that the shop in Northampton has one I will like. I think they are really great and i believe they will become the "in thing" to have. Anyway I first saw one in the Precinct in Rugby town and I asked the lady first where she got hers from  she told me Watford, then I asked her could i buy hers off her (although hers was quite plain and not exactly what I would have liked) but she said no it was HER BEST FRIEND sorry. Thank you for your interest, Joan.

I just did a google search for trolleys and a piece came up about how your products had been featured on the Richard & Judy show. I walk everywhere and wanted a trolley for shopping but I wasn't prepared to have an "old granny" trolley, as I'm only 33! So your trolleys seemed to fill the bill. Looking forward to getting it. Clare.

To let you know that the shopping trolley arrived safely yesterday and it is exactly what I wanted. Many thanks for your excellent service - it has been a pleasure to deal with your company.
Regards, Trish Humphries

...and her response to our request to put her comments on this website ...
Of course you can, I do think it is a good idea.  People are quick enough to complain when something is wrong, so I think it is equally important to praise when good service is given and your service was excellent.
Best wishes for Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Ashby, Leicestershire
Hello, just been surfing the web for a shopping trolley for my nan who swears by Rolser. She likes the Rolser Mountain 'R' Nylon, black with a pink flap. Hope to hear from you soon, Tracey Rowell

Sherbourne, Dorset
Dear Sir/Madam,
Recently I bought a wonderful Rolser shopping cart - but it was the last one! Please can you tell me the nearest shops where I can buy one. Many people stop me on the street and admire my cart, asking me where they can buy one. It is the best shopping cart I have ever used; especially as it has a nice long handle (good to lean on) and it is so easy to pull or to push!- and it looks so elegant too! Everyone admires it. It is one of the best things I have ever bought. And it is so wonderfully light too!
I hope you can help me.
Yours sincerely, A. Portsmouth

Edinburgh, Scotland
Just received my shopping trolley this morning, thanks for such a good service. It's very (what is it the youngsters say nowadays) COOL!! I'll be the envy of all my friends!
It's a beautiful day up here in Edinburgh - the sun is shining and I'm just off out to the shops to christen my new trolley.
Thanks again, Liz

Enfield, Middlesex
I have a back problem and carrying shopping was becoming difficult. I knew a trolley would be the answer but my teenage daughter would not let me get one in case one of her friends saw me out with it.  I had been looking for some time, so I did a search and found you that way. Its great by the way! Thanks ... Jeanette Glen

Hove, Sussex
Thank you very much for a speedy and efficient service. Regards, Olive Topcuoglu

Western Canada
Just to let you know that I have received my trolley. ROLSER MOUNTAIN PSICO. My Husband said everyone will see me a mile off, I like it very much anyway.
Thank you so much.
Trolley received today - gift for a friend who will be delighted. Thanks for quick efficient personal service - will recommend.
Regards, Chris

I wanted personally to say thank you - Making a living from saving women in the UK from painful back and shoulder strain is, in my book, a very honourable profession. My Rolser is still going strong after a number of years of quite heavy use.
Kind Regards, Jill Wilson

Years ago I bought two Rolser trolley in Spain. And the two trolleys I use for my work for bringing the newspapers every day to every customers in our village. My problem is in our country Switzerland it is impossible to buy such very good trolley like the Rolser Jean. But I know that you deliver trolleys to Germany. Do you think it is possible to send my a list where I can buy such a trolley in the south part of Germany. I'm going on holiday in Germany in a few weeks. Many nice greetings.
Hi, I have seen a couple of people using your carts in England, UK and would like to purchase one. I have seen nothing of similar quality anywhere else.
Many thanks, Nick

Dear Novela,
Just received my Rolser trolley. My first transaction on the internet, fantastic product. Now my wife can carry her school books in a trendy lightweight trolley.

The bag has arrived and I’ve taken it out for a trial run. Everyone who’s seen it has loved it, although they are quite conventional so think I’m a little crazy for having a trolley in such a bold print.  However, as a 39 year old I wasn’t ready to take the traditional gingham route.
Thank you very much, I love it and have filled it with stuff already!

West Sussex
I just wanted to thank and advise that the Rolser Trolley arrived safe and sound this morning.
Wonderful size, comfortably hip height handle and terrifically smoooooothe rolling wheels........ I had wondered why it cost a sizeable number of pounds more  than my first shopping trolley which was £12 from a local-ish shop ....  even taking into consideration fact that your prices are inclusive of p&p ...... BUT......... NOW I KNOW WHY ....
I'm delighted with the trolley ......